Where the Rainbow Ends!

Statistics show that because of social homophobia: self-identified gay teens are at a greater risk to commit suicide over straight teens. Researchers Remafedi, Farrow, and Deisher compared gay and bisexual adolescents who had attempted suicide, to a group who had not attempted to commit suicide. The total of both the groups combined was 137 males, ages 14 to 21, and out of that total only 41 (30%) had made a suicide attempt. From this study we see that gay teens that have attempted to commit suicide tend to be involved in drug abuse, early sexual activity, and prostitution activities which also predominate in the histories of straight teens who attempt suicide.

Researchers say that suicide attempts appear to be related to “coming out” at a younger age, gender a -typicality, low self-esteem, substance abuse, running away, involvement in prostitution, and other psychosocial morbidities. 44% of cases that researchers have looked say their subjects say that they attempt to end their lives’ because of “family problems”. Only 27% of suicide attempters had marred parents (vs. 50% of the non-attempters). 61% of the suicide attempter had been sexually abused (vs. 29 % of the non-attempters). 85% of the attempters had used illicit drugs (vs. 63% of the non-attempters). 51% of the attempters had been arrested (vs. only 28% of the non-attempters). 29% of the attempters had been involved in prostitution.

Through all my research I have found that gay acceptance is widely spreading in American society. This acceptance is apparent in everything from television sitcoms to coporate anti-discrimination policies in recent U.S. Supreme Court Opinions. There is still people who are homophobic and who are cruel to people that are gay. There are those who believe that it is morally wrong to be gay. Theres a percentage of people who believe men and women should lay together and not with the same sex. That percentage has decreased through the years, but that percentage still impacts society.

Many teens are widely impacted by the people who they are close to rather than people they hardly know. If the teens mom or best friend is homophobic and the teen is gay, he/she will hide who they are for fear of being hated. Teens who are in the closet are more likely to be depressed and lonely. Teens who are accepeted for who they are, will more likely live happy lifes.

While homophobes spend their time hating other people lifestyles,others get on with their lifes and not worrying about others lifestyles. Homophobes just are wasting their time hating when they could spend their time accepting and working on their lifes. All people are not perfect, we are all imperfect. All that matters is self happiness whether that be with the same sex or  different sex.

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School + Work = Fail or Pass?

            In today’s society many high school and college students are forced into the work force by the rise of living cost or just the need for a couple extra bucks. Today we are here to discuss whether or not that affects student’s grades. The answer is yes; but the real question is if those effects are positive or negative? Or could there indeed be long term effects to be felt from a simple high school or college job?

Research shows that the effect that a job has on students depends on the amount of hours, what days they choose to work, and the students themselves. In his article Teenagers at Work, Victor Gallis shows three points of teen employment. These include Limit the hours teens work, Try to keep most work hours confined to weekends, and Insist on saving. He finds these important factors for teens at work because they help support having a job without having negative effects on your school work and life. He also says that if your worried about your GPA you should take higher level classes that are weighted heavier on the GPA scale versus just having good grades in a lower level class. Even though students would be less likely to participate in extracurricular activities they should still have a life outside of school and work. 

          Another research article even shows that having a part time job in college actually helps your grades and even your future. Career Thoughts writes “students who work between 15-20 hours a week do tend to get better grades than students who don’t work, but your grades will likely suffer if you regularly work more than 20 hours a week.” Also you should consider “study time, extracurricular involvement, family obligations, etc” before you begin looking for a part time job. They also mention the idea of working on campus, which would make for less commute time and therefore more time available for other things. Career thoughts says to get a part time job doing something you are interested in. Even though it may not pertain to your major, it is important that you enjoy your job. The skills that you learn from any job will relate in some way to any other job you have and will help you in the future.

            Gathering from all the research and articles we can clearly see that it is important for students to know there boundaries. Also that they need a life outside of school and work. That school is important and a limited part time job could even help your grades by teaching valuable time managing skills. Among those skills students could also learn communication and helpful accounting skills. All of these are important in our world today where job references, skill list, and resumes dominate the job market decisions. Even the smallest high school or college job could make the difference in whether or not you get hired. Please post your opinions and responses below for all to see.

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Taboo Religion

comes to mind when you hear “The
Church of Satan
”, dark rituals, animal sacrifices, perhaps cult fanatics? Well
actually that’s not the case at all. Satanism, which was Founded
on April 30, 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor LaVey, is the first above-ground
organization in history openly dedicated to the acceptance of “Man’s true
nature”. Unlike most other religions, Satanism is not dedicated to a god, or
higher being, instead it is dedicated to man and his vital existence. Like
other religions Satanism has a list of nine sins that its members abide to
never break. These sins are as follows, 1-Stupidity, 2-Pretentiousness, 3-Solipsism,
4-Self-deceit, 5-Heard Conformity, 6- Lack of Perspective, 7-Forgetfulness of
Past Orthodoxies, 8-Counterproductive Pride, and 9-Lack of Aesthetics
. Satanism also has many more points that other
religions do not follow such as, Strict Taxation of all Churches, No
tolerance for religious beliefs secularized and incorporated into law and order
, and Stratification. There are also The Eleven
Satanic Rules of the Earth
, and The Nine Satanic Statements which are too long to
list here. When it comes to media, Anton Szandor LaVey published two books named
“The Satanic Bible” in 1969, and “The Satanic Rituals” in 1972. In conclusion
Satanism is a fairly new religion mainstream religion compared to other religions,
with a steady number of members already within its ranks it may be possible that more people
will choose the ideals of Satanism over others.

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“I Hate People!” – The Outlook of a Misanthrope


            Most people get along with the general population; moreover, almost no one wants to be alone for the rest of their lives. A misanthrope is not like most people; they detest the general population, and have a pessimistic outlook on other people. While many people dislike at lest one person, it is rare that someone hates the general population as a whole. 

              In today’s society more than ever, more and more people are becoming filled with misanthropy. This is mainly due to ignorance levels going up, and tolerance levels going down. We live in a world where kindness is a rare trait in people. Lots of people are concentrated on self-improvement, and in that process, they forget about “stepping on other’s toes”. This is the creation of a Misanthrope.

              Many see misanthropic people as sad, gloomy, depressed, or pessimistic people. To an extent, they are correct. misanthrope are generally pessimistic people. They do not like to associate with people anymore than they have to. This does not make them “weird” or “depressed”, they are simply showing their true colors. There are many happy people who do not enjoy the human population due to their ignorant attitudes, and their lack of concern for other people.

          Generally, misanthrope have a sarcastic and witty attitude. In the following quote, Irving Layton is being both ironic and sarcastic as he confesses to being a misanthrope. “Since I no longer expect anything from mankind except madness, meanness, and mendacity; egotism, cowardice, and self-delusion, I have stopped being a misanthrope.” –Irving Layton

          Contrary to other’s beliefs, being a misanthrope is not necessarily a life style choice. There are actually self-help and support groups to help those who suffer from being a misanthrope. Due to stereotypes in this world, many people shy away from getting help because they are scared to be judged by others. Misanthropy is a mindset; not a disease. If people would ban together and stop treating these people like lepers, the world would be a better place.

2 Major Myths about Misanthropy!!

  1. Chronic Depression– “ Misanthropic people are ALWAYS depressed”

  • Everyone gets depresses sometimes; however, most think that misanthropic people are always depressed and moping around. This is not true. They actually get depressed about as much as the average person, sometimes even less than that. People who experience misanthropy often tend to avoid people, this makes them seem depressed when actually, they are just minding their own business.

  1. Rude People: “I swear… you people are just mean!”

  • This is a common misconception of a misanthrope. They are not mean people; instead, they are honest people. If you were to ask someone if they like your new haircut, most would say yes…even if it looks horrid. Misanthropic people tell their honest opinion. Instead of saying, “i love your haircut!” and lying, they would say, “You may want to go get that cut again, it’s not looking too great.” 

3.    Mental Issues: “You really have some twistedthoughts”

  • While some misanthropic people do have “twisted thoughts”, not all think about pushing everyone off of a cliff. Most misanthropic people do have genuine concern for others, and would never wish harm to them. Many do not wish harm upon anyone they just simply do not like people and society as a whole.



Find out how Misanthropic you are!

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Fashion Foundations

Today’s fashion is yesterday’s trash. Fashion worn today is what was worn many years ago by our parents. You would never think high rise jeans would be back in demand after the muffin top was created by low rise jeans but they are. The red lip and smoky eye is also back in fashion, along with crazy hair styles.  What your parents would call this style is hippie or return of their generations, but what it is known as in today’s magazines is indie or retro. The generations that make up the latest trends consist of the sixties, seventies, and eighties.


Did you know that any time there is a major change in society like depression or a war, the attire changes?

The sixties are known for the beginning of rebellion and protest. This is the time when the baby boomers had matured and began to change the way people usually dressed. Some major staples of the sixties are the bees hive and Chuck Taylor’s. The most popular lip color was bright red which was matched with dresses that went just above the girl’s knee. This outfit made a very big statement because girls did not normally try to attract attention. Men began to attract attention as well by wearing tighter shirts to show off their muscles instead of button up shirts. Some movies that you can relate to that were made for the sixties are Grease and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The seventies are the disco generation and are described as carefree. This generation had to deal with the Vietnam War which made flowers and peace signs more popular than ever.  Protest were seen everywhere and all American cultures were coming together to stop death in general, not just for one race. Women tossed bras and corsets out the window for platform shoes and bell bottom pants. Crazy wild hair was the norm for the rebels and even when it was dark, big colorful sunglasses were a must for your attire. Animal fur was a “total fad” around this time as well and it put you on top if it was worn. The bright colors and style was inspired by African and Indian cultures. Good examples for movies created around this time are Almost Famous and Across the Universe.

The eighties were all about grunge and rock and roll. At this time, the cold war was going on in the United States. Protests were still popular and the rebels got a darker look to them and began to wear items with black leather and some spandex. Younger girls often wore their shirt sleeves off their shoulders and paired the top with a short bouncy skirt and leggings. Fluffy bangs were the popular hair style and a lot of the time it was off to the side in a pony tail. Men started to wear extremely tight leather pants and had longer hair than they had in the past. Skinny pants and plaid also was men wore. Popular movies based in the eighties you can relate to would be The Runaways, Wayne’s World, and 13 going on 30.

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The Wonders of New Technologies

The market for technology devices are getting more crowed and the competition is growing tougher with every passing year. Groundbreaking advancements are coming in faster than the world can keep up with as it seems, 2011 is set to continue this ongoing trend. Here are some of the gadgets or devices from the year 20ll that are either out now or will be coming out soon.

The first would be the Ultrasonic Touchless Input Technology Device from Elliptic Labs. Right now the Elliptic Labs is testing out the Ultrasonic Touchless this year at Consumer Electronic Show and it is looking really awesome. It is similar to the technology in the Microsoft Kinect that allows the users to move without physically touching the device. We might just be seeing the touchless technology actually incorporated into a lot of device for 2011 and the future of technology. For more information about this devices visit this website.

The second gadget is the BlackBerry Playbook. The Playbook is available in 3 different capacities, if you want more: $499 for a 16GB, $599 for a 32GB, and $699 for a 64GB. The tablet is restrained to Wi-Fi with 4G models planned for later in the year. This tablet was design to impress- inside and out. Technology from the QNX software systems make it all possible with true multitasking and intuitive navigation. This playbook has a light weight design, the battery life of 10 hours, dual HD cameras, l GB along with the 3 memory options from above for multitasking and storage, Wi-Fi connection, and a 7”LCD multi-touch screen.

The third gadget is the wireless ElectroHub. It is a new charging station that will offer compatibility for a huge amount of devices including, but not limit to, the TV remote, toys and Smartphone. The ElectorHub requires additional add-on cases to make your Smartphone compatible although it will charge ton of other gadgets that uses AA and AAA batteries. It will charge up to six items at one time and work by replacing the gadgets AA and AAA batteries with the ElectroHub’s brand batteries so these devices are compatible. The ElectroHub cost $39.

The fourth gadget is the Sony Ericson’s new Android-PlayStation phone, code-named Zeus Z1. It is likely advertised with Android 3.0 along with the Sony Marketplace, which allows the gamer to purchase and download games designed for a new platform. This PlayStation phone is said to offer five free games and a dazzling AMOLED display, which is more efficient than the LCD display. From the design, this device may be packing some serious fun for PlayStation fans. The feature of this device includes: a screen range of 3.7 inches, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 5 megapixel camera, MP3 player, Wi-FI, and it support SD cards.

Above are just a few technology advances that are in 2011 or will soon be arriving. Groundbreaking advancement like the Ultrasonic Touchless Input Technology Device is sure to begin a new trend into the technology world. What new advancement will there be next year that can top 2011?  I guess that we will have to wait and see, as the 2011 year is wrapping up.

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Grand Record for Grand Rapids

            Have you ever been kicked down by your peers or someone you highly admired? Everyone has or will at some point, but what if you were put down nationally by a well-known and well-respected magazine article? How would you respond? One city’s response was phenomenal. When Newsweek named Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of “America’s top ten dying cities,” the town decided to go above and beyond to prove the writers and researchers of the article that they were wrong. On one clear day, Grand Rapids, MI was shut down to produce a world-breaking, lip-dubbing music video, which is commonly called a “lip-dub”; a “lip-dub” combines lip-synching and audio-dubbing. Everyone in the city gathered together to demonstrate that the pride in the city and its population growth was very much alive. Social Times called the music video an “Epic Lip-Dub” in their article because of the numerous participants in the video and the amazing way the performances of each was combined to convey a message to the public.

            Newsweek reported that Grand Rapids, Michigan, was among many of the cities in Michigan that were dying out due to an economic downfall. According to the article, Grand Rapidians could take some comfort in knowing that they were only tenth on the list of America’s Top Ten Dying Cities, but this did not ease the minds of the outraged citizens or Mayor George Hartwell who strongly disagreed with the article. The video received over 4,000,000 hits on YouTube, cost $40,000, shut down the city, and was complete with a pillow fight, a helicopter, weddings, motorcades, parades, marching bands, and bridges that erupted with fire. Perhaps the most interesting part of the video was the fact that over 5,000 people participated in the motivational video; people of all sizes, ages, races, talents, genders, and personalities rallied together for their city. Unashamedly and confidently, the city sang and danced to Don McLean’s “American Pie.”  

            Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of the video was the song that was conveyed to the public. Rob Bliss, director and producer for the project stated that Don McLean’s “American Pie” was the most appropriate song for the video because it is “a song about death, [which] was in the end, triumphant and filled to brim with life and hope.” The city’s hope was that the song would represent everything they knew was true about Grand Rapids, Michigan; Bliss commented that he wanted to create a video that “encompasses the passion and energy” of the town. The song was moving to the viewers as they realized that one song from the mid-1950s could impact their hearts. Roger Ebert, 1975 Pulitzer Prize winner, called the project “the greatest music video ever made.”

            It is amazing how the response of one small, “dying” city in Michigan could cause a ripple effect around the world. The record-breaking video produced is proof that no matter how often or how hard you are kicked down, you can always rise from the ashes. The video that went viral may have saved the town as it promoted tourism and recognition of the grand city. With so many views, one can only wonder what the author of that one Newsweek article thinks, how his or her one story changed a community for the better. The people of Grand Rapids, Michigan, can now be satisfied that they have made their point known, and they have influenced so many others who have experienced the same pain and disappointment that they did. Kudos to Grand Rapids for having so much motivation and courage!

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